Tarangire National Park Day Trip


The Park is named after the Tarangire River which runs through it. This ‘river of warthogs’ is the only source of water for wildlife in the region during the dry season. In places, the vegetation is quite dense, including elephant grass, acacia woodlands and lush groundwater forest. The Park is well known for its elephant families, which can often be seen congregating by the river. You may also see giraffe, bushbuck and hartebeest. These animals are closely followed by a range of predators, including lions and leopards. There are more breeding species of birds found in Tarangire National Park than anywhere else on the planet!

Detailed Itinerary


You will depart early morning after breakfast to Tarangire National Park from Arusha and the drive takes approximately 2 hours from city center. You will proceed to Tarangire by checking-in the gate and then continue with your unlimited game drive whereby there are a lot to see starting from the gigantic baobab trees, the large elephants, Zebras and many more.

You will have a picnic lunch and after that continue with your game drive until late afternoon where you will drive to Arusha which marks the end of your epic adventure.

Location: Tarangire National Park

Duration: unlimited game drive

Difficulty: Medium

Activity Price

2 people 3 people 4-6 people
$280 per person $220 per person $190 per person

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