Company Profile


African Big Cats Safaris is a locally owned company which is fully registered to operate tourism business in Tanzania.

For 9 years, African Big Cats Safaris has been providing an unrivalled full spectrum of business and top quality travel services that our satisfied customers have testified on their reviews both on Safaribookings and TripAdvisor. We pride ourselves in offering high class services in the regions we operate. Our well experienced consultants offer clients with most economical, practical and convenient travel solutions.


African Big Cats Safaris is committed to providing our clients with exceptional service to meet our clients’ demands so as to accomplish high customer satisfaction and travel solution covering all aspects of their travel needs, tailored at an affordable price with pro-active customer service.


To be leaders and ambassadors of our country as well as our clients’ best partner, always providing the best possible products, with the highest quality of services, and demonstrating faithfully our commitment towards social and environmental responsibility.


Our staff consists of highly experienced professionals who are well trained and speak variety of languages. We are really proud of our staff and we invest in our staff and it can be seen on their passion for work and the dedication they show. We recruit our staff based on their experience in the tourism industry, in-depth knowledge and the love for Africa, careful attention to detail, and friendly approach. These qualities enable us to meet the challenges of a changing industry. We do organize regular staff meetings, site inspections and training every year for the future growth of our company.

Our guides:

They are our representatives on the field as well as ambassadors whereby based on their knowledge and more than 10 years of experience, will make sure that you will have enough knowledge about our country from the moment you arrive until you leave the country. They are well-trained and their passion and love for their country makes it easier for them to deliver the best service to the clients.


We recognize that the strength of African Big Cats Safaris lies in the experience, quality and expertise of the partners that make up our network. We do work with people from all over the world and we love sharing experiences and learn more about different cultures. We welcome all people and agencies to work with us so that we can build a positive and long term working relationship with them and share the beauty of our country to people from different places.


As a responsible tour operator, our main aim is to select the best attractive holiday destinations and activities, and combine them into an easy-to-follow creative and descriptive itinerary that fulfills the stated desires and needs of our clients. The solid relationships we have built with our suppliers ensure us strong purchasing power, thereby a good value for money, without compromising our products and services quality.

African Big Cats Safaris has a wide selection of holiday packages to cater to our clients’ tastes and needs. We do offer packages starting from Safaris on the northern and southern circuit of Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro trekking and beach holidays in Zanzibar.

We do also organize other activities during safari like the walking safaris, coffee tour, canoeing, and visit to the hot springs, visiting the local tribes and day hikes on Mount Kilimanjaro.

All our packages are tailor-made to meet your preferences and budget and our team of professionals, will ensure you have the right package and experiences on the field.


Sustainability is a key driver for our business and finds its expression in a wide range of environmental causes, practices and endeavors that we support.


We believe that the community that we operate in has played a significant role in our development. In acknowledgment of this, we undertake various projects for education, development and well-being within the Group and for the community in general.

We at African Big Cats Safaris feel an obligation to give back to our community. We are committed to donate a portion of our profits to the safe water ceramics filters factory which enables schools and villages to have pure drinking water.  Also support our local orphanage to assist the less fortunate children who are our hope for a bright future.


Our greatest strength is active & good communication. We listen to what our clients want and then we deliver. We do communicate openly and honestly, ensuring that every client’s demands are met. If a client has specific dietary needs or requirements, we communicate with all the hotels or lodges and camps to ensure that they are served accordingly. If the clients want to do more game drives, we tell the driver guide so that each client’s demand has been fulfilled.


Our entire safari vehicles are Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4’s with pop-up roofs equipped with a fridge, binoculars and charging terminals for your accessories. All our game drives are unlimited in terms of mileage. These vehicles are extended and modern which are aged not more than 3 years. We do maintain our safari vehicles before and after every safari to make sure that there are no any setbacks during safari and our clients’ safety is our number one priority from the moment they arrive at the airport until the last day of their departure flight back home.


Our core values assist us to conduct our business ethically which are honesty, integrity, authenticity, loyalty, simplicity, respect and trust.